PS8 Sequence Power

Universal voltage, intelligent power management system!


■  PS8 adopts SMPS power supply, available for universal voltage under AC100-240V;
■ Air switch with over-current and short circuit protection;
■ Can control power on/off via extended cable connecting to external mechanical switch;
■ Multiple link and RS-232 control function, seamlessly connected with the PC terminal and central control system, better integrated into the intelligent power management system;
■ Output socket adopts anti electric shock universal socket with protection cover, compatible with different types of power cord plug;
■ With voltage display screen, can display local AC voltage in real time;

Software download

PS8 Software interface and serial port driver


model PS8 Sequence Power
Limit Power <100-240V ~ / 63A
Power input connection Air switch line end <6mm² diameter
Power switch and over current protection Single phase 63 A air switch with over current and short circuit protection
Sequence controlled output channel quantity 8 pcs compatible power sockets(rear panel)
Without sequence controlled output channel quantity 2pc compatible power socket(R)
Max. output current per channel Audio equipment loading<20A, linear pure resistance loading <10A
Sequence control mode>

Panel switch control, external mechanical switch control or PC terminal software control
Multiple link control The first unit sequency power controled the other linked power on/off status
Sequency interval Factory setting is 1.5s/step, can be modified by PC software.
Voltage display Front panel voltage display screen, display the real time AC voltage (1% tolerance)
Auxiliary function Equipped with USB socket on the front panel (max. Output 5V/1A);
Equipped with push-pull touch on/off lighting indicator, touch the indicated position to turn on/off.
Working voltage 100-240V~, 50/60Hz ±10%
Product Dimension(mm) 483x229x45
Packaging Dimension(mm) 550x342x145
Gross weight 4.3kg

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